3 errors which could make you lose qualified leads during the holidays


The Christmas holidays are almost here! Your company will inevitably slow down. Yet some of your prospects and future customers will continue to surf the web during this quiet period to keep themselves occupied and to find out more about your products and services.

These new prospects may turn out to be precious contacts for making a good start to 2017. After all, if they contact you during this period it means they have taken the necessary time to fully evaluate your range of products and services.

Google shows that a web user visits 10 sites on average before making a decision. As soon as the web user contacts you, this indicates that they are definitely interested in what you have to offer.

During the holidays, it is therefore important to reassure the web user that you will remain attentive to their needs.


Error no.1: Pausing your advertising campaigns.

You can be fairly certain that most of your competitors will not do this, giving them the chance to win proportionally more prospects at minimal cost, and to have a pool of prospects to work on at the beginning of the year.advertising



Error no.2: Indicating on your website that you are absent

Put yourself in the place of the web user arriving on your contact page. If you tell them that you are absent between two dates, they will quickly go elsewhere, and don’t expect them to come back later, since they will forget you as soon as one of your competitors demonstrates their eagerness to meet their needs.




Error no.3: Not using an automatic email reply after a web user has contacted you

The web user may understand that you will not be available throughout the holidays, but informing them precisely through an automatic reply when you will be able to get back in contact with them will reassure them.



In conclusion:

Everything happens fast online, very fast, so if you’ve been able to capture someone’s attention, make sure you are contactable despite your absence.

Like you, web users will understand that responsiveness may not be immediate during the holiday period. What has motivated them to contact you is your products and services.


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