Bring your web visitors out into the open, and transform them from suspects to prospects

Your mission: To encourage your web visitors to reveal themselves, so that they will inform you of their needs more quickly and leave their contact details more easily.


What is a suspect?

In common parlance, a suspect is someone the police may consider to have committed an offence.


For the forces of law and order, WebOLead, despite its extensive powers, will not be much help in solving an inquiry… 🙂

In sales jargon, a suspect is an individual who belongs to the target audience but has not declared an intention and has not yet identified themselves to you.

Adapted to the web, these are all the visitors to your website that you do not know, and there are lots of them! In addition, these visitors are constantly renewed throughout the year, especially if you have a high Google ranking, which will bring you new visitors with every search, who may (or may not) decide to contact you.


What is a prospect?

A prospect is a person or a company with whom you have had real contact, whether on the phone or at a face-to-face meeting, and who has declared their interest in your products and services.


Adapted to the web, these are visitors who contact you (via your contact page), or who download documentation, on the condition that the download requires the completion of nominative fields. In both these cases you will obtain contact details together with expressions of need for each of them.


So how can you bring your web visitors out into the open?

To obtain suspects who may become your new customers, follow these good practice guidelines:

1/ You must be visible when web users search for a product or a service that you offer: this is an essential prerequisite if your site is to contribute to your commercial growth.

We can exclusively reveal, just for you, details of a top secret tool which can offer you this much sought-after visibility, thanks to which a web user who has never heard of you will be able to find you: Google 🙂
If your web audience is only composed of people who already know you, you will be turning in circles without any real chance of growth.

2/ Create content: “Content is king”: you have probably already heard this said online, and it’s certainly true that you need content, and more specifically, content adapted to your target. Having adapted content is not just about considering Google and the responsiveness of the page in terms of its ranking among search pages, it is above all about understanding your future buyers, and their reasons for envisaging themselves using the products or services that you offer.

3/ Maximise the opportunities for contact throughout your website. This is very important: your contact page, as good as it may be, will always be a click away from the page the web user is consulting. And if your pages are long, the web user will need to scroll up or down to find the link to your contact page. Do you really want to force your visitors to perform all these actions just to contact you?


The solutions

To bring your web visitors out into the open, you can place easily noticeable Call To Action buttons within your pages of content. You will be able to use these Calls To Action to convey a commercial message which will encourage the web user to enter into an initial level of engagement.

If it is not possible for you to include these CTAs directly in your site you can also use WebOLead, which will enable you, without modifying your current site, to offer the best possible response to your web visitors’ demands on every page, so that they can initiate real contact with you.

WebOLead is always accessible on every one of your pages, eliminating the need for the web user hunt for your contact page… simply in order to contact you. QED

An example of WebOLead integration

The web visitor can call or contact the sales department without leaving the page.



In conclusion:

1/ With regard to traffic acquisition costs, everything that can be done to convert web visitors into potential qualified contacts must be given priority.

2/ Enabling the web user to find a match between what they’re looking for and what you are offering, and providing them with an efficient and rapid means of contact, will enable you to secure new qualified prospects!

3/ Unable or unwilling to modify your website? WebOLead is made for you.


If you have not yet tested WebOLead… Now is the time! WebOLead is free for 15 days, with no commitment or bank details required!


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