Codimatra: 62% more qualified contacts in 10 days!

Discover how Codimatra, the European specialist in spare parts for public works equipment, generated 62% more qualified prospects from its website in just 10 days thanks to WebOLead.

We wish to thank Olivier Billion, Marketing Director of the Distribution Department at the Dubreuil Group. Olivier Borie, Marketing Director at Codimatra and Renaud Varoqueaux, Founding Manager of Agence 404 for their help putting together this first WebOLead customer study.


About Codimatra


Founded in 1979, Codimatra joined the Dubreuil Group in 2007.

The company, based on a 11-hectare site in Agen, is composed of 60 employees who are highly dedicated to meeting the needs of their prospects.

With an annual turnover of 100 million euros and 16,000 French and international customers, Codimatra is the European leader in second-hand spare parts for public works equipment.


The challenge

Codimatra previously used an online chat solution to meet the needs of its prospects during office hours.

Since the production site extended across 11 hectares, Codimatra’s experts were not always able to respond directly to prospects’ demands.

Internal statistics also showed that web users were engaged in active research outside office hours, as well as on weekends and public holidays.


Need expressed

Faced with this challenge, it was important to quickly find a new solution for generating leads, able to convert visitors to Codimatra’s site into qualified, detailed prospects, and providing real efficiency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The solution also needed to offer a smooth and consistent user experience, requiring no technological development by Codimatra or modification of the existing site.



Advised by Agence 404 for its Web Business strategy, Codimatra chose WebOLead to meet this challenge.


Implementation of the system

We conducted a three-way reflection process between Codimatra, Agence 404 and WebOLead on the qualification criteria for contacts, enabling:

  • Immediate commercial processing by Codimatra’s experts, without the need for connection to a specific back office.
  • Real-time measurement of the results obtained, consultable at any time by Codimatra and Agence 404.

We then helped to create ActionBoxes (call to action forms) and to install WebOLead on all pages of the site

From the outset, we ensured that high quality contacts were obtained. Then we undertook to track the statistics and results and organised regular briefings with Agence 404 and Codimatra to assess progress with the project and options for optimisation of the results.


Example of integration of WebOLead into Codimatra’s site


The ActionBoxes (call to action forms) were customised in Codimatra’s colours to ensure perfect integration into the existing site.


Comparison of Codimatra and WebOLead prospect details


The prospect details gathered by WebOLead and forwarded directly to Codimatra’s experts contain information of high added value, such as the origin of the web user: if they come from Google they are engaged in active research. The page on which the ActionBox has been activated, which is often directly related to the need expressed by the web user. The duration of the visit and the location of the web user.


Results: 62% more qualified contacts in 10 days!


WebOLead is able to generate more qualified contacts immediately after installation. We also note that new qualified contacts are indeed additional contacts, and not just replacements for contacts obtained by the website


53% of new contact details provided outside office hours


The percentage of prospect details obtained outside office hours exceeds 50%…. This demonstrates two important points:

  • The first is that Codimatra’s audience is indeed looking for its services at all times.
  • The second is that Codimatra’s audience trusts WebOLead enough to express its needs and leave its details to be contacted in return, regardless of the time or day of the week.


73% of new qualified contacts come from Google


WebOLead also improves the cost-effectiveness of the actions performed on a daily basis by Agence 404 for, whether in relation to SEO or buying ads via Google Adwords and Google Display.

Replacement of the online chat system by integration of WebOLead confirms that an effective Web Business strategy depends on good traffic levers and the ability of the site to adequately meet prospects’ needs in order to increase conversion rates.


90% of new prospects obtained on product pages


This confirms that future prospects are pleased to be able to contact Codimatra from any page of the site.

This also indicates that they have found a consistency between their research on Google (73% of cases) and the response provided on the product page when they use WebOLead.


Testimony from Olivier Borie, Marketing Director of Codimatra


“We have been very pleasantly surprised by the performance of WebOLead. The increase in contacts was immediate, the qualification of the contacts corresponds to our needs, and the new prospects are directly exploitable by our team of experts. WebOLead also perfectly meets our need to be easily contactable 24/7.

On a personal level, the WebOLead team is attentive and quick to react to our requests, which will enable us to integrate WebOLead into our versions in other languages, in order to continue to develop Codimatra internationally.

In terms of the cost of the solution, I genuinely believe it would be difficult to find a more cost-effective way of obtaining additional, detailed prospects in such a short space of time. And that’s what really matters: with WebOLead we win new customers.”


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