How can you convince the 99% of visitors who do nothing on your site to finally contact you?


The statistic is well known: 99% of visitors leave a site without performing any action: a purchase or contact.

But it’s not the end of the world. In the race to generate traffic we sometimes forget that even when traffic has been acquired everything still remains to be done, and in the digital sector we’re still a long way from the conversion rates of traditional retail.

Indeed, in traditional retail it is common for traders to obtain 15% conversion rates, or even as much as 50% in large stores and up to 99.5% in bakeries.


A few good reasons for the current transformation rate in the digital sector:

A web user visits 10 sites on average before making an initial contact.

In over 50% of cases your prospect will already have a precise idea of what they want when they make contact, and you can be fairly sure that they know as much as you do about their area of interest. Your products and services expertise will therefore be decisive in concluding a sale.

Your visitors may therefore give you the impression of doing nothing, of being lost, when in reality they are seeking information about your products and services. An analysis of your traffic will almost certainly show visitors arriving directly onto your product pages.


So how can you convince visitors to contact you?


  • Perfectly understand the profile of your customers to define different buyer personas, i.e. the buyer profiles you wish to target.
  • Constantly create content appropriate to each of your buyer personas. This is very important: your customer base may be composed of different trade sectors, for each of which you should adapt customised content.
  • Encourage your different buyer personas to subscribe to various targeted publications and regularly supply them with appropriate content. Also bear in mind that among your future customers, different people may become opinion leaders for your products and services even though they do not have decision-making powers.
  • Publish your content beyond the boundaries of your site: social networks are excellent drivers of traffic when they are used correctly.

Now that your site has become an excellent marketing tool, it is time to set up another equally excellent tool, which will transform your site into a productive commercial tool!


WebOLead has been developed to encourage engagement by visitors to your website and to convert them into qualified, detailed prospects.

You will be able to very easily create numerous calls to action (sending a request, asking for a quote, getting a call-back, downloading a brochure, etc. without any limitation), to display them in highly optimised fashion on your website, and, thanks to its efficient algorithm, to offer the most suitable message to each visitor individually, according to their profile, their interests and their browsing, all without having to modify your website.

In addition to the declarative information left by visitors, WebOLead provides information of high added value which can be exploited by marketing teams:

  • Origin of the web user before arriving on the site
  • Keywords used by the web user, indicating their precise interests
  • Page of the site having triggered the action, indicating their interest
  • Duration of the visit and details of their journey
  • Geographical location of the web user
  • Type of device used

We observe that WebOLead users obtain 100 to 500% more contacts, and that these prospects are on average 80% more qualified!


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