Think like your audience in 2017

The new year is always time for resolutions, which is great! Throughout 2016 we understood the need to communicate differently to win new prospects.

It is now well established that the website is not the only point of arrival and departure for any new communication.

While social networks will still serve as relay points leading web users to your site, we are seeing the emergence of communication tools which are going to eliminate to a certain extent the attraction of “landing” on your website.

To give just one example, which currently has the wind in its sails: LinkedIn Pulse.

LinkedIn Pulse is a blog platform integrated into LinkedIn which enables contributors to communicate with their contacts by sharing a skill, an area of expertise or an opinion on a particular subject.

Your contacts no longer need to leave LinkedIn to read what you have to say, plus they can interact with you directly via the comments section and engage in a conversation. They can also share your post with their professional network, thereby enabling you to reach new contacts.

By writing for LinkedIn Pulse you can very quickly sidestep the standard promotional message format and convey a message designed to directly enhance your credibility. Indeed, the post will appear in your name, marking a fundamental difference with standard promotional communications.

Which brings us back to our original point: Think like your audience (for effective communication).

The common denominator of any value proposition is:

  • solving a problem
  • relieving a source of pain
  • providing a solution which makes life easier.

Let’s take the example of a chainsaw:

It solves the problem of being able to cut down large trees, it relieves the pain of having to spend days doing this, and it makes life easier for the lumberjack, who will be able to increase his production within a given period of time.

The standard promotional message might say: I cut what I want when I want with strength and skill, without tiring myself out, and I make more money, with a lovely photo of a lumberjack with large biceps (it’s supposed to be a caricature).

By thinking like your audience you will be able to determine, firstly, who your buyers are, their geolocation, their habits, their budget, and above all, you will want to determine for each profile what problem(s), pain(s) and solution(s) they are seeking to solve.

A father may be impressed by the power of the chainsaw, while his son may regard it as a dangerous and boring chore, and the mother may be concerned with its lightness and cleanliness if she ever needs to use it, etc.

Depending on your buyer personas, you will adapt your communication to each of them, which will enable you to publish appropriate content, for example:

  • How can you make a garden more attractive?
  • 5 tips for ensuring that a tree does not destroy your house
  • Why you should drain your land every 5 years
  • How much will it cost if a tree falls on your neighbour’s roof?
  • How to use a chainsaw in complete safety

Communicating in 2017 will be all about thinking like your future customers, going beyond the mass promotional message to provide customised expertise to each of your prospects.

In the next blog post we will look at what kind of content is the most effective.

Stay tuned and happy new year 2017 from the whole WebOLead team.

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