Who are we?

We are Agence 404, founded in 2007, and we have 150 active clients. We are now a benchmark provider of all Web projects where the objective is performance, efficiency and/or return on investment.

In response to the recurring challenges of our clients:

  • Ever higher website launch or redevelopment costs
  • Profusion and complexity of advertising platforms
  • Constant rise in acquisition costs
  • Increased competitive pressure
  • Audience fragmentation
  • Maturity and volatility of web users

We decided to create WebOLead, a solution which is able to generate more qualified, detailed leads in the form of an application which is simple to install and use, offering affordability and immediate cost-effectiveness.

The WebOLead team:

Renaud Varoqueaux: Founding Director of Agence 404
Emmanuel Hesry: Technological Development Manager
Yves Weber: Commercial Development and Customer Support Manager

And the entire team at Agence 404 who look forward to assisting you with the optimisation of your Web Business strategy.

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It is free and without obligation

We are proud to have won the trust of our 300 users and partners

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